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Volcanic Aroma Diffuser & Essential Oil Lamp

Volcanic Aroma Diffuser & Essential Oil Lamp

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Volcanic Aroma Diffuser & Essential Oil Lamp (Portable Air Humidifier with Colored Flames) - 130ml

2-in-1 Humidifier & Diffuser for Essential Oils: Intelligent LED lights combined with humidifier technology to create a realistic flame effect. You can add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil during application to relieve fatigue, moisturize the skin and relieve stress.

7 Color Flame Diffuser: This diffuser for essential oils is perfect for ultrasonic aromatherapy, collects 7 types of lights and mists to create different realistic flame effects and create a romantic and healing atmosphere at night.

Ultra Quiet: The noise can be regulated below average when the diffuser is running. Improve your sleep quality and calm your mood, relieve your stress while working, learning, relaxing.

Automatic Waterless Shutdown: The flame diffuser comes with a 130ml water tank, can work continuously for about 6 hours, and the air diffuser stops working automatically when there is a lack of water, which is safe and reliable.

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