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Smart Pen with Camera (Multifunction Voice, Scan & Image Translator)

Smart Pen with Camera (Multifunction Voice, Scan & Image Translator)

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Offline Scanning Translation: 29 languages

Voice Translation: 134 languages

Offline Voice Translation: 9 languages (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Russian)

Offline Intelligent Recording: Offline recording translation (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Russian)

Offline Photo Translation: 29 languages

Electronic Dictionary: Chinese-English dictionary, English-Chinese dictionary, English-Japanese dictionary

Text Excerpts: Offline in 29 languages

Tools: Local music and video playback, save scanned sentences, words and translation data

Settings: WiFi, brightness, volume, time zone, system language, Bluetooth, standby time, pen holding direction, pronunciation mode, speaking speed, clear data, version update, about device, reset, storage space, portrait scan, system upgrade, automatic shutdown, switch input method

Intelligent Recording: Dual Mic HD noise reduction and decoding recording, recording can last 4 hours.

Speed Scan: Instant speed scan recognition, with accuracy above 98%. Scans are ultra fast, followed by fast translations, and can distinguish the word, symbol, part of speech, or interpretation.

Offline Resources: Offline package data in the body supports 29 kinds of local scanning, photo translation, local electronic dictionary, anytime and anywhere without network restrictions.

Background Database: Powerful background server database, WiFi network data use is more accurate.

Massive Vocabulary: Professional Chinese-English dictionary, with 2.75 million professional thesaurus built in, to meet the vocabulary needs of all stages of learning.

Accurate Translation: The use of Google and other AI engines, combined with proprietary neural network translation technology and multi-deployed servers, translation response is faster, resulting in higher translation accuracy.

Voice Translation: 134 different kinds of real time voice translations, can understand multinational accents with the accurate translation, easily travel around the world, and be able to adjust in all countries and regions.

High Definition Screen: High resolution retina screen, will not hurt the eyes no matter how long you use it. Multi-touch visual operation, real time full display, Chinese and English synchronization, no need to turn pages. Simple UI interface design, more user friendly interaction, user experience is stronger.

Multimedia Speaker: Apple mobile phone, original factory specifications, plus special cavity design, external sound effects and more.

Text Excerpt: Offline excerpt in multiple languages, and synchronize to the cloud to save the content of the text excerpt.

Dual Microphone Design: High sensitivity dual microphone array design, plus noise reduction algorithm, to ensure the speech input and recognition without error.

Super Large Battery: High Capacity 1500 mAh, high pressure polymer lithium battery, super large capacity and long lasting.

Updates: Support system background upgrade, product functions and interaction continue to iterate, convenient, fast and efficient.

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