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Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector

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Galaxy Projector (12-in-1 Sky Projector & 360° Rotating Planetarium Lamp)

Unique 12 in 1 Planetarium Projector: Projector comes with 12 different 4k HD galaxy discs: 1. Galaxy 2. Solar System 3. Earth 4. Moon 5. The Milky Way 6. Andromeda Galaxy 7. NGC 4302 & NGC 4298 8. Hubble Deep Field 9. M60-UCD1 10. North America Nebula 11. Mystic Mountain 12. Small Magellanic Cloud. These Realistic galaxy film discs taking you to experience a fantastic universe.

High Definition Galaxy Projector: This HD planetarium projector, rotate the top focal adjusted knob to adjust the focal length for clear imaging. Support up to 3m projection distance and 135 sq. ft. of projection area. Stars sprinkled around the room, brings a magic indoors light show.

User Friendly Design & Auto Off Timer: Our galaxy projector provides 0-360° flexible adjusted stand that increases the usability of the projector, so you can switch projecting between the room ceiling, walls, or any place you want. With 2 auto off timer options (1 hour, 2 hours), press it and it will automatically turn off when the time ends, do not disturb your sleep.

Easy to Use: 12 in 1 Galaxy Projector for kids room only needs 3 steps to take you through the planetarium visual experience: Insert film disc - Turn on switch - Adjust focus. Simple design, perfect for everyday use.

Best Gift & Decoration: This Projector can decorate rooms, dorms, and any other room you can put it in. The silent motor and rotating sky can also help soothe and calm babies to fall asleep quickly. An ideal gift for both adults and kids. Perfect for any room, home theatre, office, dorm, or even holiday decorations.

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